Wojciech Orzechowski

Wojciech Orzechowski

Businessman, Investor, Rentier, Mentor, Property developer, Author.

I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.


Albert Einstein

Wojciech Orzechowski
Strefa Nieruchomości Nr 10

Wojciech promotes the „Strefa Nieruchomości” magazine, which is inspirational and shows many investment possibilities on the real estate market. You may purchase the magazine on skleprentiera.pl or in Empik stores.

As a speaker he is often invited to share his knowledge with students belonging to the research clubs of the University of Łódź, Warsaw School of Economics, Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Wroclaw University of Economics and Business. Graduate of the Catholic University in Lublin.

He is also the author of „Rentier®” – a board game,which is a simulation of real estate investing. The purpose of the game is to teach how to purchase and sell real estate on the national market.

The first part of the game teaches you how to invest and multiply your capital within the first four years to earn half a million. In the second part of the game you will learn more secrets about investing in real estate and multiplying your capital. All scenarios have been written from the experience of others and on the basis of real-life events.

zdjęcie gry Rentier

Organizer of the largest Real Estate Investment Conference in Poland – WIWN Marathon®  www.maratonwiwn.pl

WIWN Marathon conference was attended by 1,025 investors in the lecture hall of the Medical University of Łódź and 125 online in January 2019.

With the help of Wojciech Orzechowski’s knowledge and personal assistance, a few hundred investors have already completed projects in which each generated profits that significantly exceeded the assumed goal (an average profit of 42,000 PLN per investment).

Every day he solves complicated issues and willingly shares his knowledge and experience with others. After many years of successfully investing on the Polish market, he devised an incredibly effective Invest in Real Estate Strategy thanks to which his group of investors is able to systematically reach record profits and increase their capital each year, with the goal to become financially free within 6 years.

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WIWN® graduates
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The total value of the investments made personally by Wojciech Orzechowski or his company for the 1st quarter of 2021 amounts to over 200 million PLN. You will find out more listening to the videos below.

To date, workshop participants have flipped over 2500 properties (data for January 2021). The largest profit made on one property was 200,000 PLN. The highest profit made on house was 250,000 PLN. The highest amount of properties purchased by one participant within 3 years is 100, with 70 sold already (this number was not used in the statistics above). In 2018 180 people began the 2nd stage of the WIWN® workshops and began the renovation of their first properties. The above data shows that only 0.7 % of all transactions did not work out. The WIWN® community comprises of 2000 people.

If you have over 100,000 PLN of free capital and you want it to work well, write to info@wiwn.pl

Certificates & acknowledgments

WIWN.pl® received the VCC accreditation and status of a VCC educational academy as well as VCC educational academy examination partner.

We also received international accreditation to award a vocational competence certificate.

Our training services were being evaluated for a few months.

The Invest in Real Estate Workshops WIWN.pl® , webinars, mentoring in the scope of real estate investment on the market was evaluated positively. During this process, the quality of our training services was verified by an independent entity providing international VCC accreditation.

The entire process on the side of WIWN.pl® was coordinated by Aneta Nagler.

The scope of the certification and accreditation awarded to WIWN.pl® Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością, Spółka komandytowa as a VCC educational academy entails:

  • Yearlong training courses, workshops, webinars
  • Access to an online training platform about investing in real estate
  • Personal training, coaching and mentoring in the scope of investing in real estate
  • Online training sessions as an additional support to the workshops and training course in the scope of investing in real estate

Gala Award Ceremony „Symbol 2018”

The Gala Award Ceremony „Symbol 2018” took place in the unique interiors of the Monopol five star hotel in Katowice.

Members of a several dozen companies and institutions from the entire country met to receive awards given to them in the eighth edition of the Symbol program. The Business Symbol 2018 (organised by the Polish Business Monitor and Market Monitor of the Daily Legal Newspaper) board members decided to award WIWN.pl Sp. z o.o. with the Business Development in Poland Award. The award was received by the author of the  Invest in Real Estate Workshops – Wojciech Orzechowski personally.

It is a fact that we are changing the reality surrounding us by renovating entire buildings, refurbishing flats, teaching others how to run this business and they then set up their own companies. Thank you for such a nice surprise.


Wojciech Orzechowski

The Złote Godło Award

(Highest International Quality)

Our tireless efforts to attain perfection and provide the highest quality services have been appreciated by the board of the NAJWYŻSZA JAKOŚĆ QUALITY INTERNATIONAL 2019 & 2021 Award program. This program is supervised by:

  • The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development,
  • The Polish Committee for Standardization,
  • The Quality Management Department of the Cracow University of Economics.

In May 2019, and August 2021 we received this prestigious award – the Złote Godło, for the Invest in Real Estate Workshops WIWN.pl®. This award and quality certificate were given to us for an indefinite time period by the board of Złote Godło Award program in the category of QI Highest Quality Product.

The WIWN.pl® workshops are now proud owners of the Gold Winner title and owners of the Złote Godło Award.


Wojciech Orzechowski WIWN® – True Story

Find out about Wojciech Orzechowski’s true story & his Invest in Real Estate Workshops. Who is Wojtek and what are the WIWN® workshops? How did he begin to invest in real estate? Is investing in real estate also for you?

See an interview with me during the Business News program on Polsat News

What is the current situation on the Polish real estate market? Is there an economic bubble on the property market? Is it worth investing? These and other questions are answered by investor and real estate expert Wojciech Orzechowski in the program “Business and Information” on Polsat News with Robert Bernatowicz

Dzień Dobry TVN

How to make money on real estate – Wojtek Orzechowski’s talk in the program Dzień Dobry TVN on the 6th of December.

Polskie Radio “Czwórka”

On Monday 19.06.2017 I had the privilege of participating in a discussion on air in Polish Radio Czwórka. We talked about my business experience, how I went bankrupt, how I managed to get out of bankruptcy and about what I am currently doing – real estate investments. You may listen to the entire broadcast on my blog and YouTube channel.

Business Information Channel on Polsat News

Wojciech Orzechowski – English

I had the pleasure of sharing some information about the current situation on the real estate market on the Business Information Channel on Polsat News.


See my speech at Expo FxCuffs 2017 in Cracow

I was a speaker at the largest investment convention in Eastern and Central Europe (3,000 attendees) – FxCuffs Expo in Cracow and I shared my experiences as a property expert and author of the Invest in Real Estate Workshops. The topic of my speech was the Most Effective Real Estate Investment Strategy – why financial market investors should consider investing in property.

Domo+ TV visited our Invest in Real Estate Workshops

Domo+ TV participated in our Invest in Real Estate Workshops WIWN.pl®. The Invest in Real Estate Workshops WIWN.pl®, authored and lead by Wojciech Orzechowski, are dedicated to all those who would like to learn how to invest in real estate effectively and make 100% profit annually.

How to double your savings in one year?

How to double your savings in one year?

Is the real estate market still attractive?

The future is in real estate – archived webinar (published on 23rd May 2018) led by Wojciech Orzechowski – one that you’ve never seen before! The following questions are discussed and answered:

  • Why is property becoming more expensive?
  • Are property prices on the market going to be adjusted in the near future?
  • Till when do we expect property prices to rise?
  • When can you lose your property?
  • …And many others.

Private roof garden in the city center – Wiszące Ogrody in Łódź

Hovering Gardens apartments located in the New Centre of Łodź is an investment in the Premium segment. An ideal place for people who like comfort and prestige, Hovering Gardens is your new home.


Below you will find various articles where I talk about interesting topics not only related to making money on real estate (currently available in Polish only).

Wojciech Orzechowski – English

You may go far, even if you stumble along the way – article in Rzeczpospolita

Some people wonder how someone who went bankrupt managed to become a millionaire. Others, who are dreaming to win the rat race as he once did and become financially free are listening to him attentively. And he assures – the most important thing is to be willing.

Wojciech Orzechowski – English

You may go far, even if you stumble along the way – article in Głos Mordoru

Some people wonder how someone who went bankrupt managed to become a millionaire. Others, who are dreaming to win the rat race as he once did and become financially free are listening to him attentively. And he assures – the most important thing is to be willing.

Wojciech Orzechowski – English

I like to help make dreams come true – interview with Wojciech Orzechowski, businessman, investor, expert, author of bestsellers about real estate investment.

This article is about how to invest in real estate and double your profits, how not to be overcome by difficulties, how to be happy by helping others.

Wojciech Orzechowski – English

Would you like your dreams to come true?

Would you like to fulfil your dreams and work only for pleasure? If you answered yes, that means that this article is for you.

Wojciech Orzechowski – English

Don’t be afraid of challenges – just do it

In this article I am sharing my knowledge on investing in real estate, knowledge that I believe is the best way to reach economic freedom. People always ask me how to achieve that.

Wojciech Orzechowski – English

My journey to attain financial freedom

You can read lots of books, participate in many courses and training sessions. What is important is to learn the key principles and have a goal to reach: I want to invest and become financially free.

Wojciech Orzechowski – English

Purchase, renovate, sell and become a millionaire

Why is it worth investing in real estate, how to regularly multiply your profits and how long does it take earn your first million. Wojciech Orzechowski – businessman, investor, coach, author of bestsellers on real estate investing answers all these questions.

Wojciech Orzechowski – English

WIWN.pl® – chose your way

Determination, perseverance, faith and luck – this is how the first WIWN Invest in Real Estate workshops. in Poland were born. Their author, Wojciech Orzechowski – investor, businessman and mentor is also the organizer of the largest real estate conference in Poland – WIWN Marathon.


I am currently leading or a patron of a few projects, which are connected with or involved in real estate development and also helping those who need help the most.


  • Best workshops I have ever attended – it’s possible that I will never attend better ones, because the bar is extremely high! I highly recommend them – the decision to join these workshops is definitely the BEST life investment I ever made. Wojtek and his entire team – you are wonderful! Thank you for the know-how, excellent atmosphere and huge possibilities that are opened before every participant.

    Mateusz Długosz
  • It is definitely worth it! I found my „bargain” deal thanks to a skilful conversation and good relations with real estate agents – this was one of the topics covered during your workshops Wojtek. I was searching for occasions on the secondary market, but thanks to proper joint analysis of the situation and helpful tools it was easier for me to make the decision on the primary market. Many thanks! Regards, Patryk

  • After spending the first few hours with Wojtek on-line it turned out that what we thought was obvious and what we thought we knew, we did not know or we knew too little. Understanding this principle is a large step forward („The smartest person is the one who knows what he/she doesn’t know”). The training sessions are very professional and are conducted in an easy going, nice atmosphere. I learned that the devil is in the detail. You can learn a lot, everything is explained in detail (until you get it). One of the key aspects in real estate is choosing the right strategy, which helps you direct your thoughts – and Wojtek’s strategy does exactly that. These workshops show that knowledge backed up by experience is so crucially important and it is worth making use of this opportunity (especially given the fact that he could have kept it all to himself).

    Monika & Tomek
  • I just reached home after the 1st stage of the stationary course. I had some doubts before attending the course, but they left me as soon as we started the workshops on Sunday. I knew then that this was going to be one great adventure and I was not mistaken. The huge amount of knowledge that I gained throughout those two days has inestimable value. Everything was organised very well including all the small details. I received a huge portion of motivation and inspiration to act. You can tell that Wojtek and his team really want these courses to be a success, so that every participant could reach their goal in the future. I think that is the best part of it all. Greetings to all the participants – I hope we’ll see each other soon!

  • Participating in the workshops was a very good decision. Within a few months my approach to investing has changed, I learned a lot and the supportive community of other participants is priceless. The cost of the workshops paid for itself within a few months and I am continuing on. I really admire Wojtek’s approach to various issues, one can really learn from him. To sum up: there’s stress, but there’s also fun and huge fulfilment!

  • Every minute I spent during those workshops is worth gold. You cannot feel the time flying by and when you reach the end you are still hungry for more and surprised that it finished. Very valuable content and great speakers, professionals and, most importantly, experienced people sharing their knowledge, giving advice and support, always open to talk, never leaving questions unanswered. All of this is topped with a great, supportive atmosphere and the excellent sense of humour prevalent makes you feel that you are the right person in the right place, even though your knowledge and experience is nothing in comparison to those you are learning from. You simply cannot miss these workshops if you want to become an investor and rentier on the real estate market. Huge depth of knowledge and one big motivational hug. Wojtek is an extremely competent, to the point and experienced professional and in all this he is very warm and always smiling. Wojtek – thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate. To those reading – make sure to make your reservation ASAP before the crowds come in and you will have to wait ages on the reserve list to join, which is sure to happen – it’s just a matter of time!

    Katarzyna Piwowarczyk
  • These workshops are truly worthy of recommendation. No time wasting, only substantial knowledge. Access to specialists that help you invest in real estate. Each problem or question discussed after the workshops was never left unanswered. I highly recommend them!

  • This course was one of the best decisions I ever made. I can’t imagine myself trying to learn how to invest in real estate on my own, because it most likely could have cost me a fortune. I am very happy to have met Wojciech and he agreed to lead me throughout the entire learning process. After attending the stationary workshops I was sure this was the right way to go. The class always take place in an easy going and nice atmosphere. Wojtek’s professionalism and peace give me a strong sense of assurance while investing! Thanks once again for the cooperation and I wholeheartedly recommend these workshops to all those who are still not sure.

    Magda O.
  • Wojtek’s good network of contacts and huge practical knowledge made participation in these workshops a bullseye opportunity. I can’t wait to complete the next stages as I have only just finished the first and have two more to attend.

  • I found out about Wojtek’s workshops and website by chance. I bought his book and 5 minutes later I made the decision to participate in WIWN MIX. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. Wojtek is experienced, that’s why he knows how to share knowledge in a simple and easily understandable way. The classes are conducted in a really nice and easy-going atmosphere which makes opening up and learning a lot easier. For those who are still unsure, but also not afraid of challenges – I recommend these workshops very much – you will not regret it!

    Andrzej Musiał
  • I can’t imagine a better place to begin the adventure with real estate investing. Thanks to Wojtek we learn about the entire investment process and know exactly what may happen to us on the investment path and how to deal with it. Even before making your first real estate purchase you feel like you have already been through the process. Complete knowledge, great atmosphere, the perfect place for a beginning investor 😊

    Bartosz Krawiec
  • WIWN workshops with Wojtek? I couldn’t have found anything better. Lots of knowledge combined with practical advice. Wonderful ambience, impressive experience and professionalism and support on Wojtek’s side. The skills you learn here and just being around these people who are in the same field makes you sure to achieve success if you only want it! The knowledge I gained yielded impressive results and I achieved huge success after renovating my third flat since having completed the course!!! I couldn’t recommend anything better! Great mentor and teacher! Highest grade for the highest quality!

    Paweł Ligęska
  • Amazing gold mine of knowledge and experience that the mentor – Wojtek gained throughout the years. Very well thought out strategies and lots of practical tasks out in the field, which put knowledge into practice and make it easier to learn.

    Mariusz Gawlik
  • There is no other mentor in Poland equal to Wojciech. The knowledge shared by Wojciech is presented clearly, everything took place in a nice atmosphere and there is nothing left to do, but make good use of this knowledge in practice.

    Łukasz Łopuch
  • I recommend Wojtek’s workshops with my whole heart. I have never seen a more comprehensive training course than this one – a huge dosage of theoretical and practical knowledge. I think that the beginning investor will find all the necessary tips needed to achieve his/her desired goals during this course.

    Łukasz Adamczyk


If you are interested in participating in the 1 year long mentoring program, during which you will make your first investment with me, request the survey, on the basis of which I will prepare an offer for you.

The workshops last 1 year. Already after two weeks you will be out in the field looking for your investment opportunity. You will receive all the knowledge you need to know and put it into practice straight away. This is a unique training course, incomparable to any other on the market. I am a pioneer in this field. 1,400 trained investors are already working all around Poland. These persons are successful in investing. You will not be left with any question unanswered. You will receive exact instructions on how to act and the possibility of solving every problem you may face as it appears.

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